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Conceptualize new ideas and

end-to-end concepts, ensure feasibility throughout the value chain

Assess attractiveness and

uniqueness of concepts

Create a new lifestyle

Shift from products to sustainable economic systems



Design-thinking helps to reframe your mindset and to start exploring the extraordinary possibilities

Disruptive technologies challenge established business models and lead to more holistic solutions

Now is the most exhilarating time

to be an innovator


Widen your view of user-centeredness

Research and understand

the needs of all users and usages

within the system

Create the ecosystem in which

your brand will shine

A 360° design approach enhances the quintessence and the identity

of your brand




Founder Art4Design

Pascal assisted me in my Marketing Strategy and he gave me key advice for my Digital Business Development.

Very quickly he understood and identified my challenges, he had recommendations on how to tackle them successfully.

He has this ability to constantly seek new and unique business opportunities with kindness, pedagogy, flexibility and with a focus on relevance and performance.

He is a true strategist with a creative vision and I can guarantee that you'd better have Pascal on your side than on your competitors'.


CEO and Co-founder Kintobe

In every single style he designed for us, Pascal displayed his vast insights into constructional details and innovative materials. At the same time he was always able to elevate himself from the details to make sure the overall design vision was achieved.

He has a poetic approach to his designs and the usages they should fit within, without ever losing sight of feasibility and salability. He has a strategic mindset and is a great facilitator of the creative process.

Apart from that, he is just a kind and extremely pleasant person to work with.


Design Manager

From the moment Pascal starts to sketch, his designs are stamped with a strong identity. He knows how to capture the quintessence of a brand and to perfectly translate it on the products he designs.

He even plays with this. For instance, he twisted the conventional codes of the luggage industry by borrowing codes from our wardrobes.

His approach to design is complete and multidisciplinary. He takes on projects with a 360° design vision, thorough technical skills and with an entrepreneurial view on commerciality.


Moët Hennessy X Parsons Paris

e-shop coming soon

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